Without Complaining

July 24, 2015 @ 1:06 AM
The other day I was sitting with our 6 yr old and soon he started in. I don’t like the lunch, my teacher…, you never, my brother… I was sitting at my computer and I looked up and asked him is there anything you are not mad about? Are you happy about anything? He waited for a minute and said, NOPE! I thought, hmm…is this a learned behavior? Have I mimicked this for him and now he is living it out?  I decided that I need to guard my tongue.  Misery loves company, right? Is this true of happy people?  If we choose to lift people up and say nice things, will it compel others to do the same thing.  This time of year it hits me that me need to have thanks giving in our hearts, in our minds and on ...
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Conform? Transform?

July 24, 2015 @ 1:05 AM
Romans 12 tells us that we need to transform and not conform.  I love that it says this.  How many times do we buy into the lie?  We aren’t __________ (fill in the blank.)  Smart, pretty, fast, big, rich, good and the list goes one.  So many times we try to conform to what the world wants us to be/ do.  What would it look like if we did not try to conform, but were transformed?  Paul knew that this would be a forever struggle.  We have people around us and they say things that are not true.  It does not matter what the world tells us, it does not matter what people tell us.  It doesn’t matter what we tell ourselves.  Many times we are our own worst enemy.  We need to...
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God's Love

July 24, 2015 @ 1:01 AM
There is a story in the Bible that I always find compelling.  It is about a man that was lame.  Now today we would think that meant that he wasnt cool or that he said things that were lousy, right?  (That was lame.)  What it means in the Bible is that he could not walk.  He would have been apart of the least, last and lost.  He could have never got up and walked to Jesus for the healing.  One day his friends hatched an idea.  What if we took the man to Jesus?  They got there, carrying him.  When they saw that the room was crowded they got another idea.  They climbed to the top of the roof, and dug a hole and lowered him down!!!  I love that.  They were not to be stopped, ...
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