Without Complaining

The other day I was sitting with our 6 yr old and soon he started in. I don’t like the lunch, my teacher…, you never, my brother… I was sitting at my computer and I looked up and asked him is there anything you are not mad about? Are you happy about anything? He waited for a minute and said, NOPE! I thought, hmm…is this a learned behavior? Have I mimicked this for him and now he is living it out?  I decided that I need to guard my tongue.  Misery loves company, right? Is this true of happy people?  If we choose to lift people up and say nice things, will it compel others to do the same thing.  This time of year it hits me that me need to have thanks giving in our hearts, in our minds and on our tongues. Not just because it is November (that helps), but to build that muscle to live it out all year long. It is easy to see all the things that cause us to grumble and complain.  Do we stop and make it a point to point out the good things in life?  Go ahead and Google verse about complaining! Wow! There are some whoppers. Do everything without grumbling or complaining? I violate that verse while reading it.  I think the Bible says so much about living a life of joy because there will always be the temptation to complain. We never feel like we have enough, our jobs make us mad, our family frustrates us, we didn’t get the raise, etc.  The reasons to complain abound!  But in this month of November as we close in on Thanksgiving Day. What if we lived out Philippians 2:14- do everything without grumbling or complaining?  What would happen if we spent this month saying one positive thing about someone everyday. Taking time to write a note of appreciation to someone.  Making time everyday to thank God for one thing?  I think it would revolutionize our minds because now we are focused on the positive and not the negative.  It is your November challenge. It may be hard at first, like working out, but will get easier as you develop your attitude of gratitude.
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