July 5, 2016 @ 3:54 PM

Have you ever noticed how quick time goes?  It seems that every year it flies quicker and quicker.  Did we not just turn the calendar to the 2000's and now were 16 years into the 2000's.  Did we not just turn the calendar to a new year?  Now its already more than half over.  How do we slow down?  How can we enjoy the moment by moments that seem to fly by?  I think it is a shift of mindset.  Many of us live with a chronos mindset.  It is minutes, hours, days and years.  When we live by this, it does fly.  There is another word to live by- Kairos.  This is the supreme moments.  Its on a meta-level.  That sees to look for the God moments.  To see things from a ...

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