Where is your gauge @?

When you come to church?   There sometimes?  What about when you do make it?  Are you expecting God to show up?  Maybe?

When you come, are you willing to listen to the message?  Maybe?  When you are there and you hear from God will you do what He says?  Will you take the challenge?

I think that most people's gauge is not at the 100% mark.  Am I wrong?  I wish not.  I have seen so many people who complain about the state of affairs- but are willing to do something about it?  Usually?

Is the church exempt- nope.   Are churches filling up- sometimes.  Usually when bad things happen.

What would it look like to get engaged, to be involved to flip the switch to 100% in.  I guarantee you your life will be different.  God will show up in mighty ways.  You will win friends and influence people like never before.

Not because something magical has happened.  Not because all of us a sudden God has decided to bless you beyond measure.  It is because you are open, receptive and 100% committed to do what He asks.

Not there?  Ask what is holding you back- tell God you're ready to be 100% committed and see what happens!

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