Whats your reason?

This Sunday- 10th.  Is National Back to church Sunday!

But if you get put of bed, why will you come to church?  Or, why do you turn back over and get more shut eye?  There has to be a reason for what we do?  It is we do not see the need?  Are we just really sleepy?  Is church boring?

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I want to make a 40 day challenge.  There are a lot of forty days.  It rained on Ark for 40 days and nights. Jesus was tempted in wilderness for 40 days.  Israelites wondered for 40 years in wilderness.  In the bible is was a time of trial or probation.

I have the challenge for 40 days, so that it becomes a habit.  Try making it a point to go every Sunday for the next 40 days.  That's like 6 Sundays.  Block it out and make it a point to go.  Then at the end of those 7 weeks, look at your life.  Is it better?  Is it worse?  What have you gained?  what did you miss out on?

I truly believe that if you make it a point/ habit to come to church you will see that your life will be better oriented.  It is not God will magically make your kids behave and you and your spouse never fight.  But, you will find the 2 things that Jesus offers...Hope and Help! 

Try it and let me know what you think.

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