Until the whole world hears

There is an unbelieving world all around us.  Have you seen the skeptics?  Or the atheists?  Those that hate the church?  Those that want to tear or burn it down?  It is all around us.  It is easy to get discouraged and want to give up.  Or throw in the towel.  But, what if there was a different approach?  What if the world is "getting darker," so that our lives will burn brighter?  What if the people who are leaving the church, was never truly there in the 1st place?  It feels like were a "post- Christian" nation.  What if the reality is that what has been left is a purer/ more concentrated form or Christ followers.  We may not pack buildings and have mass crusades for Christ.  We not have hold rallies with millions.  But, what are we doing right now, in our own little corner of the world to reach our neighbor?  How are you the hands and feet of Jesus?  We are called to reach/ disciple one more.  Maybe for far too long we have been reaching the masses, but the misses have been in discipling and making people more like Jesus and being filled with the power of His spirit.  The task still remains: will we speak and live and love...until the whole world hears? 


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